Ba�? Ba�? (Smasher Prawn)

Coming to Halong Bay, visitors not only explore the mysterious caves but also enjoy delicious seafood such as crab, fresh squid, lobster, snails, smasher prawns, etc..

Ba�? ba�? (smasher prawns) are pretty typical seafood of Halong. In Halong, many restaurants serve smasher prawns in variety. There are many kinds of smasher parwns dishes but most of tourists are impressed with roasted smasher prawns with salt.

Smasher prawns
Smasher prawns

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Smasher prawn is a specialty of Halong

When the waiter brought a disk of surface greasy and fragrant prawns, everyone wants to enjoy eating immediately.

Smasher prawns in Halong are different from Cat Ba prawns. To enjoy exceptional cuisine, chef has to choose prawns carefully and specifically so that when the cooking finishes, prawn meat intact breakage with great smells.

Smasher prawns
Smasher prawns

How to cook?

Roasted salted prawns make this dish special and tasty. Materials include lemongrass, oil, salt, pepper. When roasted, substrate surface must have reached the aromatic, chewy and date.

If you find that smasher holding egg, that is more wonderful. When eating, the waiter will help you cut fins on the side, just put the wand on the substrate surface spine fin cut, mild peeling bark the entire array will slough off, leaving only a delicious piece of meat. Save this contrition is most appropriate map dotted chutney. Dot surface on the disc surface meat chili, put in your mouth, you will feel the taste, sweet and spicy where the tongue, it’s interesting.

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