Steamed Squid With Guava Leaves

Squid is a very popular seafood in Halong, there are a lot of delectable dishes from squid such as squid meat ball with sticky rice, grilled squid, fried squid, etc.. Have you ever tasted steamed squid with guava leaves? If you haven’t tasted yet then take the time to go to a Halong Bay this summer to enjoy eating exotic dishes!

Guava leaves
Guava leaves

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Steamed squid must be fresh squid with thick and pink meat and smooth skin.A�To cook steamed squid with guava leaves, you need to clean and cut away black ink bag. Then you pour lemon juice into the steamed pot or autoclave. In the autoclave, you just put a layer of guava leaf buds at the bottom to prevent part of the water mist and then you put squid into the autoclave and cook with high heat.

Steamed squids
Steamed squids

When squid turns into purple that they are fully cooked, it only takes about 10 minutes or more.

Steamed squids with guava leaves ink dots ginger chili sauce tastes delicious. You will see the squid crunchy sweetness mixed with the acrid little bit sour guava leaves with spicy food is very interesting to see.

And if you have to travel Halong sea squid steamed guava taste, do not forget to tell your friends about it this delicious dish.

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