Halong Bay cave dinner

Being a waiter on Dragona��s Pearl Junk for almost 3 year I have had many good memories with visitors from all around the world. It is so nice to see our customers enjoying Halong Bay with kayaking, swimming, playing soccer on the beach and especially climbing more than 100 steps up the mountain to have dinner in cave. That is really an amazing experience of life time.

To set up an unforgettable dinner, being a waiter I need to know exactly what to prepare in every detail. In our list, we prepare food, glasses, candles, table covers, flower decorationa�� and some special gifts for the couple who choose Halong Bay for their honeymoon or wedding anniversary trip.

Halong cave dinner
Halong cave dinner

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It takes us a half of day to prepare for cave dinner. Right after the lunch, we come to give order drinks for dinner because some drinks like cocktail or juice might not be served in the cave, just bottle water, beer, soft drinks could be packed and brought to the cave. All things have to be packed then carried up the cave 30 minutes before the dinner starts. I still remember my first day working, I had to go down 100 steps from the mountain, get to the boat by kayak then back to the cave again just because I forgot a wine glass for customers. Thata��s why the preparation is very important and has to be done thoughtfully to the small detail.

Halong cave dinner
Halong cave dinner

The cave dinner starts at 7:30 pm in a beautiful atmosphere and romantic moment with full of candles light and melodious music. The BBQ food will be served deliciously and surprisingly decorated. When the meal finishes, it is time for us to introduce ourselves to the visitors. Staying on board for 26 days a month, we are all happy to sing some local songs to the guests after our long day working. We love to enjoy them singing as well. The evening ends with full of joy and fun.

I am so proud of my job to bring nice time and memorable experience to visitors. Halong Bay is so beautiful to discover and I believe that with all of your efforts, hospitability we will help you to experience Halong Bay cruise at best.

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