Travel Experiences in Halong overnight cruise (P6)

>>Travel Experiences in Halong overnight cruise (P4)

>>Travel Experiences in Halong overnight cruise (P5)

4. Select cabin forA�Halong overnight cruise

You can select as many types of cabins such as cabin without windows, with views to the sea or suites with private balconies. Each different cabin is accompanied with the different equipment and costs.

– If traveling with small children, you should choose the ship or cabine having no private balcony for safety, in addition to selecting the cabin taking away from engine room to avoid the noise…

– If you are seasick, you should choose the low cabins and cabins which are arranged in the middle of the ship in order to minimize the shaking.

Cabin without windows
Cabin without windows

– If you go with love one, you should choose the rooms having a private balcony to enjoy romantic moments while watching the sunset and sunrise in a private space (Au Co, Victoria Star, Paradise …. are senior ship lines with private balcony), in addition to save cost, you can choose ship lines of 3-4 stars, in these yachts, the premium rooms also have private balconies to create privacy and romance.

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5. Select the tour company

To conserve the maximum possible time and money, you should refer to the price of the travel company. This is the sale agents for the yacht and room service you booked through travel companies often cheaper from 20-50% compared to published rates of the fleets.

Select the tour company
Select the tour company

Besides the counselors of the travel companies are often those who understand and experience on the selection of ships which are best for you (the counselor will offer a full range of important information , the needed notes for you to take a fun and meaningful trip)

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