Attractive ecotourism in Quang Yena��s village

Quang Yen is known as a local place which has a great potential with the beautiful natural landscape; diversity of customs and traditions of the Vietnamese in northern plains with many festivals and unique traditional villages.

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About Quang Yen

It also has many characteristic aquatic species making up the diverse culinary resources. The characteristics of history, culture, land and people of Quang Yen had been exploiting and developing ecotourism in village.

Attractive ecotourism in Quang Yena��s village2According to the introduction of the Office of Culture a�� Information in Quang Yen commune, we go to Phong Coc Ward, one of the unique destinations of tourist routes in Quang Yen village. Coming to Phong Coc, tourists will be gone boats on the river during the 45 minutes. Sitting on a boat, visitors will admire the scenery of villages, fields, discover the living on the island of Ha Nam people on both sides of the river.

Along with that, tourists can visit Dinh Coc, the biggest ancient temple in Vietnam. Also in the ecotourism route of Quang Yen village, the tourists can visit Nam Hoa ward, Phong Hai to visit the traditional family of knitting and making boats or wooden boats…

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Attractive ecotourism in Quang Yena��s village

Attractive ecotourism in Quang Yena��s villageSo far, Quang Yen has put into operation 3 routes and 11 destinations to connect to many tours serving for all kinds of tourists, especially tourist from the European market to Quang Ninh by cruise ship and domestic tourists. Since the introduction of this product (October, 2013) so far, Quang Yen has welcomed 120 international delegations with a total of 1,586 passengers… Product of ecotourism in Quang Yena��s village left many impressions in every visitors and the attention of tour operators.

Next time, the locality continues to implement synchronization solutions, effectively to promote tourism development in Quang Yen in general, this kind of eco-tourism in particular.

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