New water puppet theatre in Yen Duc village

Yen Duc is a small peaceful, beautiful village located in Dong Trieu District, Quang Ninh Province, in the North of Vietnam. The community based tourism activities here not only benefited the villagea��s environment and landscapes itself but also preserve and popularize traditional values of Vietnamese rural villages to tourists. Moreover, we created more and more meaningful jobs opportunity for the local people to let them stay at the village and not to leave to big cities or industrial zones.

New water puppet theatre
New water puppet theatre

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We have a variety of activities in Yen Duc Village, such as: 2,5 hours tour, 5 hours tour and some overnight tours (2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 night tour). We received so many positive feedback from our guests on Tripdavisor. And the water puppet show here was the most favored. How impressive!

We built Yen Duc Village as a stopover between Halong Bay and Hanoi. There, after the Halong Bay cruise, you can enjoy a Vietnamese traditional snacks and enjoy water puppet show which would be performed by the villagers. For higher standard and to meet the higher needs of visitors to Yen Duc, we had been in researching and now new launching the second water puppet theatre in Yen duc Village.

Yen Duc village
Yen Duc village

The new theatre area has an ideal location, which is near to the Canh Huong Pagoda a�� an old and peaceful pagoda of the village. The area is surrounded by the huge green fields and views to the majestic mountain. It is a larger than the first theatre which was built for years. Follow the traditional designs like the first one, the new theatrea��s roofs are decorating with palm branches and every other detail is made from the same material and woods. In the middle of the area is the pool for performing water puppet. The leisure area is next to the pool, right there, you can enjoy the fresh air and have a light meals with some humble snacks from the village, then enjoy the water puppet show. After that, under the tutorial of local villagers, you can try yourself with some agricultural tools which are helped to create many farm products for thousand years.

With the desire to build strong and developed community tourism in the village of Yen Duc, above all, to preserve and promote the Vietnamese culture to foreign visitors, we are hopeful that this new water puppet theatre will meet your needs better and better.

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