Pearl Island a�� Tuan Chau today

It is just half a century (3-1962) away from now, while visiting, President Ho Chi Minh made careful recommendations to officers, soldiers and people in island commune: a�?Tuan Chau must turn into Ngoc Tuan.a�? His last message today has become a reality: Tuan Chau now is a a�?pearla�? of Ha Long, poor island commune 15 years ago has become now Tuan Chau ward, clean water, adequacy of electricity, roads, schools and stations; peoplea��s life in the island is more and more stable and prosperous.

Tuan Chau on that days..

The island is located in the southwestern of Ha Long city. This is the unique island having the land mixed up schist among 1969 of small and large islands located in the heart of Heritage a�� Ha Long world Natural Wonder. Before 1997, Tuan Chau was a small island commune, poor and so many things of a�?noa�?: no electricity, no water, no schools, health centers etca�� Especially the traffic separated from the mainland makes the material and spiritual culture of the people more and more difficult. Since 1998, Tuan Chau island began the process of a�?changes its looka�?. The first is the construction of roads connecting the island commune with QL18, approximately 2.2 km long, 15m wide, with two car lanes and sidewalks to walka��

Tuan Chau

Pearl Island today

Nowadays when it comes to Tuan Chau, one immediately remembers the resort, international entertainment, a tourism brand part of Ha Long. Tuan Chau is famous for the largest artificial beach in Vietnam with Tra Co white sand approximately 6km. Garden cuisine of Vietnam was built in unique style, simulated by Vietnamese royal architecture in 17th and 18thA� century,A� hidden in the ancient peach root, green pine tree, murmuring winding streama�� Clubs performing dolphins and sea creatures in Tuan Chau are built and simulated by the wind sail picture of Ha long Bay.A� Besides, there are the water musical dance performances and the first laser light, which is also,Vietnama��s largest and most modern inSoutheast Asia. At the same time, it is the stage selected to organize major cultural event for national and international a�� Along many construction items such as crocodiles performance clubs, hotel system, resorts and luxurious Villa, the 18 hole golf course with international standarda��

Along with that growth, the lives of people on the island change each day. The a�?legendarya�? road can help Islanders expand for exchanges with the mainland in all aspects. People on the island makes it easy to do business trade and trade with the mainland; student has access to the class, some students transfer from school level into the college, university on the rise; the level of educational and life improve so well each day. Not include mentioning tourism development onTuanChauIslandhas solved a large amount of labor on the islanders. Up to this time, more than 2,000 inhabitants on the island no longer depend on fishing, aquaculture and seafood to make a living. The economic structure here has shifted in a positive direction. People have been actively developing the economic farm models, farm family with high efficiency and income of tens of millions VND per year. A large portion of employees transferred to work in the tourism sector, trained the basic professional training to meet the demand for high quality services. Spiritual life and educational level also goes up from there. All changes demonstrated in the remarkable numbers: Repeatedly in recent years, budget revenues of Tuan Chau are in excess assigned. In 2009 reached 220% as planned, in 2010 and 2011 was approximately 200%a��

Marinaconstruction investment projects of Ha Long Bay began to be implemented and constructed. Located in the southwest ofTuanChauIsland, it is built on the wetland of 100 hectares with an investment of trillions; this promises to be an excellent milestone forTuanChauIslandin the future. Looking at the most basic specifications can also see the scale and the scope ofMarinain Ha Long Bay: 9-10m depth ofMarina; 750m width; dimensional narrowest 200m with a total length of 6km. It is probably sufficient space for 2000 passenger ships and yachts, meeting place for the entire of tourista��s passenger train.A� At present, Ha long Bay with full modern and civilized services, Simultaneously, trading with the modern ship ports in the region such as Singapore, Japan, China a�� The highlight of the project is Central Station designed to create a modern architecture work, probably chosen as a symbol for Tuan Chau Island. Besides the main function is to welcome visitors to Ha Long Bay, Central Station is also a restaurant, entertainment for children, supermarket, souvenir sales, and offices for the shipping companies, travel companies, the presentation of Ha Long Baya��

Coming to Tuan Chau, one with onea��s own eyes standing on the shore, in the middle of the Ha Long blue sky sea Halong throws view in the free gestured of a�? island Lord a�? to be able to see the wholeA� scale of this project. It is only a a�?rough pearla�? but in the coming future, when the project is completed, surely once again Tuan Chau will take onea��s breath away.A�halong bay tourism

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