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Ha Long Bay is a home of ancient Viet people with three continuous pre-historic cultures about 18,000 to 3,500, namely: Soi Nhu culture, Cai Beo culture, and Ha Long culture. Soi Nha�? culture (about 18,000 to 7,000 years ago): concentrated in limestone islands of Ha Long Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. The typical archeological remains of this culture can be found at MA? Cung, ThiA?n Long, TiA?n A�nga��

The main living method of Soi Nhu people was catching shellfish, picking fruita�� This cave-culture is illustrated by traces of mountain snail (Cyclophorus) and stream snail (Melania) and some other fresh-water mollusks. These findings have shown that in comparison with HA?a BA�nh a�� Ba??c S??n culture of the same period, the cultural model of the Soi Nha�? people was more developed. This is evident in their adaptation to the marine environment.
CA?i BA?o culture (from 7,000 to 5,000 years ago): is a link between Soi Nha�? culture and Ha?? Long culture. The typical archeological relics of this culture have been found at sheltered areas in Ha Long Bay, such as: CA?i BA?o, HA� GiA?t, GiA?p Kha?�ua��

CA?i BA?o people made their livelihood not only by the traditional methods of hunting and picking but also by marine exploitation. Archeological relics of CA?i BA?o culture have proved that our ancestors adapted to the marine environment sooner than believed, developing a great culture with its own identity.
Ha?? Long culture (from 4,500 to 3,500 years ago) is divided into 2 stages: earlier and later.

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Ha Long culture in the earlier stage: was the result of middle-Holocene marine transgression in the period of 6,000 to 5,000 years ago. This caused the loss of a habitable environment for the CA?i BA?o people and resulted in most people moving to the northeast region where the earlier Ha Long Culture was created. The main living styles of people in this culture were hunting, picking, cultivating. Technical knowledge such as pottery and stone tool making had been well-developed.
Ha Long culture in the later stage: came about as the result of the period of maximum marine transgression. This culture developed with the migration of Ha Long people into the plains, midlands and mountainous areas. The Ha Long peoplea��s habitats were relatively diverse and included caves, mountain peaks and sand bars. The typical archeological relics of this culture are: BA?i Ta�� Long cave, Soi Nha�? cave, and Nga�?c Va��ng islanda��.

In the history of the nation foundation and protection of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay also is the place of three glorious victories for the Vietnamese people from the 10th to the 20th centuries. There were famous national heroes, namely: Ngo Quyen in 938, Le Hoan in 981, and Tran Hung Dao and Tran Khanh Du in 1288. It also featured prominently in two wars against foreign aggressors: the French and the Americans.
At present, in Ha Long Bay area, many important cultural and historical relics have been found. Especially, the fishing communities who live on the Bay still remain its own special culture, enriching native Ha Long Culture. Their unique culture is typified by folklore performance such as a�?ask and answera�? singing, sea shanties, wedding songs, and many other traditional ceremonies.

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